About Us

About Us

With 66 year long competence, now in Nur-Sultan...

Dişmal Dental, as the branch of Dişmal Ltd. Co. in Ankara / Turkey, started its commercial activities in Astana by 2013. Since then, dentistry and dental sectors in Astana –as well as in overall Kazakhstan- have had the chance of involving a company with the build-up experiences and competence in the sector.

Dişmal Ltd. Co. had the opportunity of being one of the first dental suppliers in Turkey. With this privilege, the company had a prosperous background and maintained an exclusive business cycle.

As globalization trend is peaking up among the global markets, Dişmal Ltd. Co.’s administration made a radical decision to spread itself into another market. Astana, as the capital of Kazakhstan, was the greatest opportunity to have a business cycle and therefore Dişmal was going to be able to promote its competence as well as its competitive Turkish products in the field. By 2013, the first step was taken and so far, Dişmal and its crew have been making effort to create a comprehensive business cycle for local market demand.

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